Panella Racing is your trusted source for high performance racing engines. A family owned and operated business, Panella Racing provides decades of experience, a passion for racing, and extensive knowledge of the sport to every engine we build. At Panella Racing, we’ve made it our mission to perfect the performance of racing engines in all classes. That’s why we’ve dedicated our business to making your engine the most powerful and reliable on the track. With one engine at a time, one customer at a time, and one win at a time, we’ve gained the trust and loyalty of racers nationwide. Thank you for being a part of the Panella Racing family.


A racing family for over 50 years, the Panella family has made it their mission to perfect the art of engine building and maintenance. This all began when family patriarch, Bob Panella Sr., began racing a ‘57 Corvette and ‘41 Willys Pickup in the 1960s and 1970s. His son and Panella Racing founder, Bob Panella Jr., shared his father’s love for racing, and in 1992, Bob Jr. began racing vehicles of his own. In 1994, Bob Jr. became the Division 6 Superstock Champion, a title he proudly defended for four years.

During the time of his racing success, Bob Jr. began building and perfecting the engineering behind his winning engines. Bob Jr. made it his mission to understand how his engines were performing and to build them to win on the race track. Bob Jr. continued to win races with his engines, winning three championships in Pro Stock Truck from 1999 to 2001 when the class was retired.

As he continued to win races, Bob Jr. gained the respect of his competitors. Over time, they began to enlist him to work on their own racing engines. It wasn’t long before Bob Jr. began focusing on his true passion: professionally fixing and building engines to rent and sell in the racing industry

Racing was the catalyst that propelled the Panella family to where they are today. They didn’t set out to start a business; rather, they set out to follow a passion for building the fastest racing engines for all classes on the track. With years of experience and racing success, Panella Racing has proven itself as a leader in the racing industry.



We custom-build and maintain performance racing engines for drag racing, street cars, and more. Whatever you drive, Panella Racing will provide you with a winning engine every time.


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We want to make your track and street goals a reality with the highest quality parts. Be it novice or competitive racing, we offer an array of high-caliber components for your ride. From crankshafts to manifolds, we might just have exactly what you need in order to achieve premium performance. If you have questions about inventory, availability, or pricing, feel free to give us a call at (209) 547-1778.



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